American Education – Jared

Can She Save Our Schools? by Amanda Ripley, Time Magazine.

Finally, someone with a set taking on the American education system somewhere and not getting shot down (yet) for it.  She has potential, that is for sure.  We need more people like this as Superintendents of our public schools.  

Having attending public and private schools, along with being homeschooled, I have seen a vast gulf that exists between the students of all three.  There really is no reason for our students to be failing so badly and some serious change is needed.  It also has to happen in a decentralized manner like this does I think.  It will be more effective and better designed.  

Each school and each school district is different and it is necessary for each to be managed in such a way.  If Michelle Rhee’s ideas come to fruition and their potential promise comes to life, we will see a drastic change in much of the nation’s schools.  And it is needed, or the public education system will be lost forever.


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