Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad – Jared

Oh yes, somehow I am not mad about what happened two weeks ago.  Tilly as you guys noticed is quite bent out of shape about the current events.  I encourage you to read Tilly’s post.  He outlines the reasons he is angry about Barack Obama’s election.  I guess this is what happens when the electorate is “angry” at the “failed presidency” of George W. Bush.

I for one am excited about an Obama Presidency for the exact same reasons Tilly is mad.

I am excited because of what President Obama is going to do!  I cannot wait to see the public reaction to the Freedom of Choice Act.  I am excited about what the world is going to look like when US military spending is cut and North Korea and Iran get frisky.  I’m excited to see how excited people are when their taxes go up (17:40).  I’m excited about the reactions to universal health care.

But most importantly I am thrilled about how bad things look for the GOP.  I love the economic term “creative destruction” and it applies perfectly to the Republican Party today.  After the beating they just took everyone should be looking at himself and his record to determine what went wrong.

The Republican Party leaped from her conservative base towards a spendthrift Congress uninterested in cutting spending and very interested in pork.  This is not the Contract with America.

What I am hoping for over the next two, four, and six years is a return by the Republican Party to her roots in smaller, more responsible government.  Government for the people not through the people.  The Republican’s of George W. Bush’s presidency were big government, national security Republicans.  In this time of economic hardship we need a government responsible with the people’s money and strong enough to make the tough fiscal decisions.  I am ready for the next two years.  Are you?


3 Responses to Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad – Jared

  1. Nathan Williams says:

    haha, jared i agree. i am not mad either. good post brother

  2. Tilly says:

    Haha…there will be a backlash against the policies which are about to be implemented, which can be exciting because it will hopefully put the party in a better position in 4 years. Of course, it would be exciting to see the party return to conservative roots, but it is angering that it is going to take 4 years of liberalism to get there.

  3. meg says:

    wow. i love it. good job.

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