One More About Barack Obama and Abortion – Jared

Dr. Watson, the Political Theory in the Political Science department and Director of the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University recently posted this blog about on the topic of abortion in the next election.  He references an article by his mentor, Robert George, about Barack Obama’s abortion extremism.

If you are seriously considering voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and have not yet cast your early ballot or sent in your absentee ballot I strongly urge you to read and consider what Robert George and Randy Acorn, listed in the previous blog by Tilly, have to say.  Barack Obama has done a fantastic job hiding himself and everything he believes from the public eye and it is only now, days away from election day, that we are seeing information like this come out.  Read and consider carefully before voting.


2 Responses to One More About Barack Obama and Abortion – Jared

  1. Heaven says:

    are you all again him because he is black, do you think white people are the only people God can use, we the world is in trouble because the world is at the end of white people, they are the only group of people who have had everything now God is enlarging himself to other colors to show his power now the world will grow because more knowledge more things will be come out to benefit the world and it nice to see God use someone else other then white people he is not a white God he is a world God killing babies is just ask bad as killing people with words whith white people do daily on jobs they use credit and back ground check to stop people i am glad God is bring all the system of the white people down because they are unjusted

  2. Heaven says:

    The weapon formed again President Barack Obama did not work becaue God is own his side… Where were you people when Bush allowed all this messy to happen, Why you did not address Bush with the issue he just let happen he was not a leader however the President who you speak again is a leader for this time, all the messy white people has did he is clening up now and guess what the prayes of the people is with him you would vote for the rep party and they were so evil but you speak again the black man will you are the one who is not on the Lard side

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