As The Home Stretch Begins… – Jared

So we are totally in the home stretch and I have been absolutely swamped with homework for the last two weeks, hence my conspicuous absense.  I have not had blinders on at all times fortunately and I have a little ranting to do about our “Republicans” in power right now.

I have started to see examples, of which Colin Powell is only one, of Republicans endorsing Barack Obama for President.  Now, why would these people endorse the most inexperienced and most liberal candidate for President we have ever seen?  Like most of those in the Beltway, they have forgotten their principles and are now desperately posturing themselves for the next 2 years.  These poor fellows do not want to be left out of the loop.  They want their egos stroked and their opinions wispered in important ears.  And it is despicable.

These people, “RINO’s” is the slang (Republican In Name Only) have given up not the party they are affiliated with but the people who supported them.  Those who support Republicans are not wind socks trailing after the prevailing wind.  Conservatives stand on principle.  Principles of capitalism, a free market, strong national defense, a strong, growing, and vibrant economy, energy independence and most importantly, freedom.  Individual rights endowed by our creator.  Conservatism does not fall before intimidation or lean because of fear.  We stand strong in our principles.

Those who have disgraced their Republican and conservative constitutients have disgraced the Republican brand more than George W. Bush ever did.  President Bush willingly stood up for our troops and did not leave them out to dry in Iraq.  Instead of quitting as Congressional Democrats screamed for him to do, he sent in more troops, the surge, a new commander with a new strategy and we turned Iraq into a stunning turn around and victory for America and for freedom.

I have posted a link to Charles Krauthammer’s latest article entitled McCain for President in Jared’s Recommended Reads.  Krauthammer shares a similar opinion to mine.


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