Wild…. – Jared

I’ve been seeing some of this stuff (because Drudge is amazing at finding this stuff) and it is wild.  I’m laughing more than anything, but also a little concerned.  The implications of this are huge if these kids have been a little more than inspired.  It also makes some of the stuff I hear about ACORN feel more and more suspicious, but I have no proof of it.

This video is the latest.  A row of kids celebrating what Obama is going to do.  Noble, but how they do it is worrisome.

This next one has had a lot of controversy on Youtube.  With good reason I think.  A lot of spoofs have appeared also.  Some of them are quite humorous if you want a laugh.

This worries me but I am going to leave it at that.  Allegiance like this is not healthy.  It goes beyond reason and common sense to pledge allegiance like this.  Obama is not going to rescue those kids and their families, they are going to rescue them.  Inspiration is one thing I can respect.  For those boys to be inspired by Obama is not wrong nor immoral.  It smacked of something more than inspiration however.  Make your own decision on this one.


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