Obama’s Contributions – Jared

While I cannot guarantee and I will never guarantee that an election, especially the contributions, have been completely clean this is interesting.  The RNC is getting suspicious and will be filing a complaint to the FEC about the online contributions Barack Obama’s campaign is receiving over the internet.

Now that McCain’s campaign contributions is not completely clean is an assumed fact, simply because people no longer believe that politicians are clean people (if they ever did in the first place).  I would normally pass over this for that reason but with Obama’s background I have a little pause.  Tony Rezko and William Ayers could be just the tip of the iceberg of Obama’s connections.  Obama has tried to downplay these connections but has yet to renounce any of them which is extremely suspicious.  And these connections matter.  Who a man is friends with is a large determinent of his/her character and the character of these two men is not all that spectacular.  A connection like this is terribly important and should not be overlooked at all.  Do we want a man who is tight with the man who bombed the Pentagon serving in the White House? Nero anybody….


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