The Palin Predicament and Responses – Jared

To be perfectly honest I have never thought about the issue that a former Union University Professor, now Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University, Dr. David P. Gushee has raised that he calls The Palin Predicament.  Thanks to Tim Ellsworth, Director of News & Media Relations at Union University for keeping up with this story.

Thankfully for me Tim is keeping track of this.  Tim and my dad go way back, so we kind of know each other.  He is a nice guy.  I can vouch for him.

In response to Dr. Gushee, who I also had for Old Testament Survey in the Fall of 2006 and watched in a Environmentalism and Christianity Debate in the same semester, Denny Burk has posted this response to Dr. Gushee’s questions and the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Staff has posted this response.

This is far from mine and Tilly’s normal blogs about politics but this I think is a very valid discussion to approach.  Dr. Gushee challenges an apparent hypocrisy in the beliefs of conservative evangelicals (he labels himself a moderate evangelical) about women and men.  Denny Burk and CBMW both challenge this by separating how the Bible talks about secular authority and biblical authority.

It is an interesting debate that I hadn’t thought about and because I only have a rough outline of what I think CBMW and “complementarians” believe on the Manhood and Womanhood topic, I’m going to have to leave it up to the “experts” for now.  Regardless an interesting doctrinal/theological debate worth following.


7 Responses to The Palin Predicament and Responses – Jared

  1. Sam says:


  2. Sam says:

    Does the Union university braintrust have anything to say about the financial crisis?

    If you really cared sam I just might answer that question.

  3. Sunshinelvr says:

    Very interesting.This is an angle I had not even considered. However, being immersed in evangelical, speaking-in-tongues,Pentecostal churches– I can tell you that most Pentecostals have no such taboo. From my earliest memories, there were always strong women teachers, pastors and guest ministers.(which is really besides the point-as she no longer considers herself a card-carrying member of this church.) Very good post.

  4. Tilly and Jared,

    Upon cursory examination of Gushee’s article and some responses.. I think the entire thing is a kite without a Gush of wind.

    Rules for the Church involves Christians “in a church” and not a person in a governmental position. Basically, Case Closed.

    Obviously Gushee is not a “moderate” but a political and theological liberal, trying to craftily invoke Church principles to our Republic. He is dishonest in his attempt.

    His is a lame attempt to shame or change the minds of Bible believing, but immature, Christians who may not know the difference between civil government and church government.

    There is a difference — and thankfully good Bible believing churches are not run by rules from Washington.

    In Christ eternally,


  5. Sam says:

    Deleting comments? So u’re also for censorship?

  6. Just as a quick thought.

    Gushee must be prejudiced against Conservative women leaders. As a “theologian” would he feel the same if he lived in Old Testament times and required to be subject to Deborah, appointed by God to be one of the female Judges in Israel?

    And likewise would he raise the same issue had Hillary become the Presidential or VP nominee. Hmmm. Not likely at all.

    Gushee appears to pose a premise without a rational foundation. (Maybe a very weak, biased, unstable, liberal, theo-political one — but then, such is not rational).

    In Christ eternally,


  7. Sam says:

    Did Noah get 2 of every animal into the ark?

    I haven’t deleted a comment of yours yet, but I might just start.

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