Biden Gaffe’s It Up – Jared

Right to the point on this one.  Biden says that it is patriotic for those who are rich to pay more taxes.  As Bill O’Reilly put it, “the government wants 50% of my success”.  Obama stringently denied that (39% actually….) but to characterize it like that is quite painful.  The government wants 30, 40% of what I make.  I’m sorry, that is ridiculous.

I am all about some low taxes and honestly having lived in Tennessee for the last 2 years, I really wonder what would happen if we had a Flat Tax.  Tennessee has no state income tax, only a sales tax at 9.975% or something like that.  You notice it some (California has a 7.75% + CRV on bottles of stuff) out here compared to home but you factor it in after awhile when you are thinking about buying stuff.

But back to Biden.  I’m sorry Biden, but let us be fair.  You are totally stirring up class strife, or more correctly trying to, by insisting on an equitable system rather than a fair system.  The equitable system you and your running mate seem to desire is just beyond the realm of economic reason.  Who has taught you this stuff?  An equal system will only result in class warfare, economic decline, staggering tax rates, and then a welfare state.  Though having watched liberals as long as I have (all of 5 or 6 years) I start to wonder if that is not your ultimate goal.  Are you so power hungry that you want to dictate like China does?

China is chasing us.  Let us not make in any easier for them to catch up.  If they want to be the best, they’ll have to recognize that certain freedoms and liberties are a large part of it.  And a tax hike or your kind Mr. Biden (be it 39% or 50% on the “rich”) would not be prudent.  Besides, the system already isn’t fair.  The richest 10% pay 70% of the taxes.  Shame on you Mr. Biden to think 10% of America should pay more than 7/10ths of the federal operating budget.

Biden update:  Biden is scrutinizing the few reporters that follow him quite closely apparently.


3 Responses to Biden Gaffe’s It Up – Jared

  1. Sam says:

    “Dictate like China”? You mean like nationalizing the banking system? Insurance companies that are interwoven with financial institutions?

  2. Sam says:

    I’m glad that you’re trying so hard young bucks…
    I hope that the education you’re getting from Union university, will serve you well.

  3. PeterWha says:

    One of the problems is that it’s very uncommon to find a household considered “rich” in this scope (earning an income of more than a quarter million a year, I believe) where at least one member is not a business owner. Why is that important? Because owning a business enables you to evade fair taxation (the beauties of corporatism). And that’s what most of those people are doing, which partly created the financial problems we see today. And instead of making the middle class pay more taxes, it is only fair to tax more heavily people that will feel a difference, but will only go from extreme luxury to big luxury. Bill O’Reilly makes about 6 or 7 million per year. Lets assume the governments takes 40% of that. Wow poor guy, he will only make 4.2 million after all. He can still pay the mortgage, he can still have his new yacht.

    Now take, say, just 15% to the middle class earnings – instead of $9 an hour, they’ll actually get only $7.65. For middle class, that makes a big difference.

    Taxing the rich more would copy the European system in some ways.

    And your logic is based on the premise that rich people earn more because they deserve more – because they worked harder! Well, in old America, that was the big belief. But let’s face it, that’s not really true. Bill O’Reilly is not smarter and did not work harder than a regular American citizen to get where he is now.
    The reasons why he is in the top, like many other rich people, is based theoretically on corruption, random luck, and even greed. It’s not a perfect world! Unfortunately, more capable people don’t necessarily get to the top more than dumb people.

    I’m an ambicious guy too, but when I’m making 7 million a year I don’t know if I’ll complain too much about getting only 4.2.

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