September 11th, 2001 – Jared

It has been a long 7 years since that fateful fall day.  I am as I begin writing about 30 minutes to late to post about 9/11 but I have the urge to share my experiences that day and to ask you for yours.

I was homeschooled at the time and was upstairs that morning in my bedroom working on my math assignment.  I was 13 and in 8th grade.  It had been a great day for me in school.  I had breezed through my math, normally the most time consuming of my subjects, and scampered out of my room to find another subject and hopefully finish early.  It was not to be. 

Abby was standing in the Foyer and told me I really needed to come down, something had been hit.  I was thinking we’d bombed Iraq or something and I came down the stairs, around 2 corners into the kitchen/dining room of our Plainfield, IL home to find my mother, hand covering her mouth, phone pressed to her ear, and a look of shock on her face.

I didn’t recognize the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center right off the bat.  They were not an iconic building for me like the Empire State building or the Sears Tower.  But as the skyline of New York became clear the image replays of the planes coming in low and fast towards the tower it was readily clear what was happening.  We were under attack.  Someone had declared war on the United States.

I experienced many emotions that day.  I didn’t feel anything for awhile.  Mom led us in a prayer for our nation’s leaders, and as we finished the emotions started flowing, someone haphazardly.  I first remember the astonishment, no the audacity that somone could dare to challenge the nation that secured its freedom from the world’s greatest colonial empire, the nation that provided so much freedom, the nation that entered the world stage in striking fashion by changing the way World War I was fought, the nation that simultaneously defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, that fought communism to a standstill and then brough the rest of the world together economically to defeat the Soviet Union.  As Brian Regan would say:  “the audacity!!!!”

Fear for us as as a family came as reports of Middle Eastern terrorists came in, and gradually a patriotic anger arose.  Some faceless enemy had assualted us, and some faceless enemy needed a face and he needed to pay.  In a sad and niave way I rejoiced when we invaded Afghanistan, I mourned when we missed bin Laden by a whisker in Tora Bora and all along began to develop a sense of nationalism I have never felt before.

9/11 will forever be the date lived in infamy.  Many have blogged about it and many will continue to do so.  9/11 forever changed the world though I think some would rather forget.  There is an enemy out there and we cannot sit idly by and let it grow.  Whether you supported Operation Iraqi Freedom or not you could see if the Iraqi “insurgents” the true face of our enemy.  One who would attack us and our freedom, whatever the cost.


3 Responses to September 11th, 2001 – Jared

  1. Sunshinelvr says:

    I was passing by the TV on my way outside when the sound of the excited voices caught my ear.Curious, I turned to look.I was shocked, then I begin to scream for the family to come see. We had just retired from 23 years in the military and my immediate concern was that we would be recalled. I think I stayed in shock for the next few days. I did not support the war, but I was proud that we started looking for the terrorists. I hate war. I have lots of family and close friends’ children who are in harm’s way because of this.They are so brave and my heart is in my throat with pride and fear for them. I try not to watch the newscasts that show how many died this week, I always find myself crying.I just hope that all Americans remember the price that some pay for freedom. As the saying goes “Freedom is not free….”

  2. Absofsteel says:

    Not to distract from the gravity of the situation, but did you really use the word scamper!?!

  3. The boss says:

    Only Abby my dear sister would put a comment like that. I really just wanted to post a comment that’s all.

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