The “Change” Battle Continues

We are continuing to see both campaigns battling over which one is going to bring real change to Washington.  Over the past two weeks McCain has been winning this battle.  First, his pick of Sarah Palin only solidified his “maverick” reputation.  Second, the convention’s central theme was that McCain/Palin would bring reform and they effectively argued they would do so by reminding those who watched of their records as reformers.  Third, the past two ads from the McCain campaign have centered on this battle.  The first, which I posted a few days ago, labeled Obama as just another liberal.  It claims Obama is not a “change” candidate at all.  And just yesterday, the McCain campaign released this ad:

Here we see, just as we did at the convention, a reminder of the past successes both McCain and Palin have had in bringing reform.  The McCain campaign is arguing their case well.  When there is a record to stand on, it is much easier to make the argument.

Obama, of course, has not been silent. His campaign released this ad this week as well:

This is an ok ad by Obama…it attempts to label McCain and Palin as just your average lying politicians.  If he can convince the American public McCain is too much like Bush, he will win.   His arguments against McCain are decent, but not anything that will ultimately change the race.  He has been pushing the “90% with Bush” for a while now.  And the attack on Palin gains him nothing.  She ultimately said “no” to the “bridge to nowhere.”  He needs to do more than he is doing in this ad.  If this is the battle Obama wants to have, McCain is happy to take him on.  McCain has a record of standing up against the Republicans.  His reputation was defined way before Obama came along.  Obama needs to move away from pushing McCain is “four more years of the same.”  It is a battle he will ultimately lose.   The battle that Obama needs to fight is on why his policies are better than McCains.  I, of course, think Obama’s policies will be failures.  But, lets face it, the economy is an issue people are worried about right now and Democrats are perceived as handling it better than Republicans.  Obama needs to push the hurting economy under the current Republican administration hard.  He has to get away from the rhetoric that McCain and Bush are the same.

But it looks as though Obama will continue with his current strategy and the election may hinge on which campaign wins this battle.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, McCain will win.  He was already perceived as an independent thinker and right when the American people began to pay attention, he nominated Palin and pushed his reform message at the convention.  To be fair, polls do show a majority of Americans believe McCain will pursue some similar policies as the Bush administration, but that does not change the fact that a majority of Americans also see McCain as a reformer.  Obama cannot change that perception of McCain with a few tv ads.  His reputation has been solidified over a period of twenty years in the Senate.


One Response to The “Change” Battle Continues

  1. E says:

    I agree with Tilly. I would also like to add on to that. It is important to remember that both candidates are Senators who have excercise power in Congress. McCain has had much experience for spending many years in Congress and he takes an active part, voting and taking stances on what issues come along. Obama even though he has been in Congress for a short time period, he does not have much of a voting record. For the most part he has voted just “present”. This is a little frightening to me that he seemed to have only been working for his personal career than for the every american by not voting so that he has a “flawless”, in otherwords pointless, record. He did not take advantage of getting things done in Congress and i wonder if he will let the Congress elite have control if he continues not taking stances whether for or against on certain issues at hand. This is why Obama does not have much to say about what reform he has done in past…he hasnt made any effort other than “following the crowd”. I think this is tricky situation due to the fact that the future president will have to be bipartisan but strong enough to stand for the people when Congress does not have our best interests at heart. I do think McCain has shown a better idea of his strong sense of self and individuatlity in this campaing more so than Obama. The dabates coming up soon will also play a big hand and will be important to watch, especailly the final debate. IN conclusions, Obama could have made efforts already to make “change” but never did so what makes us think we will begin to do so? Change is not always a good thing as pointed out at the Repbulican convention.

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