McCain Gets His Bounce…But For How Long?

Well its the Monday after the Republican National Convention.  And the polls look very different than they did before the convention:

Rassmussen: McCain +1

USA Today: McCain +10

Gallup: McCain +5

Zogby: McCain +4

This should not be surprising because the Republicans, as always, gave a great convention.  But what is somewhat surprising is how big of a bounce McCain has got  and how fast he got it.  Just eight days ago the Gallup Poll had Obama up by 8 points.  Today, McCain is up by 5.  That is a 13 point swing in a period of a little over a week.  This shows there is a significant portion of the electorate which is not sold to either Obama or McCain.  They are swinging based on whatever is current in the news.  These are the independent voters which who are not party partisans, the one’s Lieberman addressed in his speech at the convention.  These are the ones who will decide the election.

It should therefore be obvious that the race is still up for grabs.  And, yes, thats bad for Obama.  There is no way a Republican should have a chance in such a Democratic year.  Props to the McCain campaign for running a nearly flawless campaign to this point.  But this is still a Democratic year.  Republicans cannot get too proud over this bounce.  Obama is still Obama and he has avid supporters who will be knocking on doors, making phone calls and telling friends and family to vote for the “annointed one”.   The next two months are crucial and Republicans must be just as avid and willing to work for McCain.  With the pick of Sarah Palin, there has been an excitement created among Republicans which was absent before.  The GOP must keep this excitement throughout the rest of the campaign.  If the Republicans do match the fervor of the BaRock stars, then McCain will win this race.  If not, the post convention bounce will slip away fast and we will then have to address that inexperienced Senator out of Illinois as Mr. President.  That thought alone makes me excited about campaigning for John McCain.  I hope it does you too.


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