McCain’s New Ad – Tilly

Well, Jared and I are moved in….class starts tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get back to blogging on a more regular basis.  In the meantime, check out this new 30 second spot entitled “Temple” from the McCain campaign….

We can now see a new strategy of attack on Obama.  Now McCain is trying to label him as “more of the same” old liberal ideas.  This is brilliant because the ad links Obama to the old liberals in Congress and it basically is turning Obama’s attack on McCain back on Obama.  Obama may present himself as “change” but in reality he is only offering the same ideas Democrats have been pushing for years.  McCain is the true reform candidate.


One Response to McCain’s New Ad – Tilly

  1. anunlovedone says:

    When will John McCain finally start talking about HIS plan? Oh wait, then people would find out that he’s just like Bush. So he’s attacking Obama, but: Attacking Obama means more money from supporters for Obama, means more events with Obama, means more Obama supporters, means victory for Obama in November.

    But that’s fine by me.

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