The Reformer John McCain – Tilly

Joe Lieberman’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night sounded like nothing one would expect to hear at a gathering of Republicans. Lieberman glorified McCain’s stances on campaign finance reform and global warming, while praising him for being one of the “gang of 14”. For many Republicans, these are the very reasons they refused to support McCain in the primary. But these are also some examples of why McCain has gained a reputation of being a “maverick”, the reason he can win this race. In this election year, if the Republican nominee for President “toed the party line”, the GOP would have no shot at winning. Most Americans do not want another George W Bush.

Last night, Lieberman addressed not the conservatives or Republicans in the room, but the independents across the country, those who still havent made up their mind; those who do not want another Bush, yet fear giving control of the government to an inexperienced senator. Lieberman continued the message, as will the rest of the convention, that McCain is also a candidate for change. And unlike Obama, McCain has a history of going against his party to create reform in Washington and has the experience needed to be the Commander in Chief.

Obama wants Americans to believe John McCain is just another George W. Bush. But, as Lieberman said last night, “John McCain is his own man.” And that is why McCain can beat Obama. He has a reputation of reform and over 20 years of experience in the Senate. All Obama has is a campaign slogan: “change”. As the convention continues today and tomorrow, Americans will be reminded of the “maverick” John McCain, of the numerous times he put country over party. Both Obama and McCain are calling for reform in Washington. But only McCain has a history of bringing reform.


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