McCain’s Pick – Tilly

A few days ago, I gave my opinion that John McCain should pick Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as his running mate.  This was in reaction to news reports that she was moving up McCain’s shortlist of candidates.  My reasoning that she should be picked was her appeal to women.  Obviously, McCain shares my belief that a woman narrows the gender gap in this campaign.  But I must say, Senator McCain, with your pick of Palin and not Hutchison, you are smarter than me.  Palin will pull away from Hilliary voters, as would Hutchison, but Palin will do much more.

1) Not only is Palin a strong social and fiscal conservative, she is an inspirational conservative.  She does not fit the old, dull conservative politician stereotype.  She is young and exciting, which not only invigorates the base in a way John McCain cannot, but it reaches out to younger voters.  Until now, Obama was the only candidate in this campaign inspiring younger voters.  2) Palin is a former Union member.  And, her husband is currently a member of the Steel Workers Union.  Palin identifies with the working class because, she at one time was a part of it.  Obama has been receiving much support from working class voters.  Though they generally disagree with his stance on social issues, they are drawn to him by his welfare programs and in this troubled economy, are likely to swing his way.  But, Palin blunts that support because she can identify with working class voters in a way Obama cannot.  3) She is an outsider. She is not from Washington, which strengthens McCain’s message of being a maverick plus weakens Obama’s message that he is the only candidate for change.  People want change in Washington, now they know they will get that with McCain/Palin.

So I have just given three reasons why Palin is a good pick without mentioning her appeal to the woman voter.  These three reasons show why she is a better pick than Hutchison. Her only weakness is lack of experience, BUT if experience is the issue in this election McCain wins because we vote for the President not the Vice-President.  If Obama wants to challenge her experience, then McCain’s response should simply be to ask Obama to define experience.  Obama has served four years in the U.S. Senate, thats it.  Believe me, it only hurts Obama if experience becomes the issue.   McCain is the candidate with a lifetime of experience in this race, not Obama.


4 Responses to McCain’s Pick – Tilly

  1. harddriller says:

    Good post

  2. Tilly,

    This old (79) ex-preacher is so happy to see two college students so acutely aware of the political world around them. My first foray into Conservative politics was voting for Eisenhower and a lot has happened since then. I am still Conservative and still praying for our Republic.

    Carry on — as those of us in the Conservative Old Guard will not be around very long — some of us maybe not even long enough to see Palin become PRESIDENT!.

    In Christ,


  3. Jared says:

    Just want to throw a little biography piece into the picture. I really think the McCain campaign has something big here. McCain isn’t relying on politics to determine his running mate, just a strong reform streak and real conservativism (he is another story). An outsider is right and there is nothing wrong with not working in the Beltway.

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