McCain-Palin 2008 – Jared

Well, after quite the downplayed lead up and a frantic media circus this morning (I love how the media goes nuts when they have no idea what is going on), Palin was announced. Quite frankly, Tilly and I were bouncing off the walls with excitement, which is exactly what McCain wanted from his base. Good job.

I think she will be a great candidate, and if she were a guy she would still be a great candidate. I think her record that I have seen and heard about, has and will show her to be a woman of great integrity, drive, and determination, which we will see in the next 67 days.

Probably the prettiest world leader ever if she is elected too… but I didn’t say that.  Really, I didn’t.


10 Responses to McCain-Palin 2008 – Jared

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  2. GFH says:

    Palin is radical christian who thinks it’s OK to ban books she doesn’t like, and who doesn’t even know what is the Bush doctrine. Some people are saying that. What’s your opinion?

  3. JOSE FREITAS says:

    Another red-neck

  4. notanidiot says:

    wow youre dumb…you must have been brainwashed very severely at some point in your life

  5. Jared says:

    I’m not sure where you are getting off that she is a radical Christian GFH. Is Pentecostalism considered radical now?

    As for the Bush Doctrine I don’t think that this might explain it.

  6. Dennis F says:

    Hi Jared. Well, Charles Krauthammer sounds a little biased. OK, maybe the “Bush doctrine” could be more specified. But to say she “responded quite sensibly” is a big stretch – there is not much doubt that she was stumped and nervous. I mean LOOK at the interview… lol. That was not a smart, classy look on her face. That was a dumb look. The American people has been taught what dumb is for the last 8 years, and it’s not hard to recognize.
    I’m not American (so don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to vote), but I do love America like it’s my own country – I have family and loved ones living there, and I think America is a honorable country (or should be), that deserves better. Obama/Biden is not the perfect solution, but “God” help all of you if McCain/Palin get in power. I do hope you believe in some kind of God, because under McCain that country is going to need a lot of praying to stop from completely falling apart. Because it’s going to be a no man’s land ruled by ignorants, and idiocracy will set in forever – if after 8 years of that, people still actually believe the same exact people will correct it, then the problem was in the educational system. Say goodbye to the good ol’ times of America as a fine country to live in.

  7. Jared says:

    Charles Krauthammer may not be the most unbiased opinion but he had the clearest explanation of what Charlie Gibson was getting at, and missing. The “nervous” look you claim you saw (I didn’t quite see nervousness) probably has a lot to do with the national media interview and less with stupidity. I fail to see how some people can think just because someone is a member of one party or another they are dumb. Far be it from me to call Obama dumb. He spent 7 years in the IL Senate, 4 in the US Senate and now he is a Presidential nominee. He isn’t dumb. And neither is Palin.

    The same goes for McCain. A dumb man doesn’t spend 20 years in the Senate unless you buy the opinion that all politicians are dumb, and then so is Obama, Biden, Hillary, Palin, Bush, Reagan, Clinton, etc. So either all of our options are stupid and we should elect you, supreme idiot identifier, as our new leader, or we should let the people decide.

  8. Dennis F says:

    McCain is probably worse than dumb – he is probably senile. Which is very dangerous. Speech articulation is a very safe way to determine intellectual capabilities, and that is why Bush scared a lot of people. If you could judge by speech articulation only, Obama has an intelligence several times superior to McBush. Again, I’m not saying he’s perfect. Just saying that the dumbest candidate won the election before (you know, the one who didn’t get a Nobel) and how did that turn out for the country? Not very good huh? Maybe people should try to vote for the one candidate that seems more capable, once every 8 years, just to see how it turns out. The republican party hasn’t been doing a stellar job in the past decades, can you agree? Maybe it’s time to step aside and change the direction a little?

  9. Dennis F says:

    “The “nervous” look you claim you saw (I didn’t quite see nervousness) probably has a lot to do with the national media interview and less with stupidity.”

    !!! Are you SERIOUS?!?! Is anyone thinking she is actually CAPABLE of leading a country? No offense, but… yeah I see confusion there…

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