A Conversation – Jared

I like everyone else, have been watching and thinking about McCain’s selection of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  There are many things we can take away from this, and many opinion’s on the choice.

The morning of the 29th was quite the entertainment.  I woke up Tilly by simply saying “Its Palin”, to which he rolled over, I shut the door, and took two steps down the hall before he yells “PALIN!” and comes running out.  The pick was exciting, and we began to hear from friends and family about the pick and one conversation in particular stuck out.

The most surprising, intially for me, reaction to the Palin choice was the accusation that McCain was placing someone with so little experience “a heartbeat away from the presidency”.  So much so that a acquintaince of mine, friend just is not the right word, had a talk on Facebook Chat where he would not give me his opinion on the pick.  Initially.  After I left to work out he sent me a text and started a conversation that lasted about 30 minutes where he argued quite forcefully, though with little backup, that Palin was to inexperienced and everyone was saying so.

The Obama team has apparently released a press release, that I cannot find, that lists Governor Palin’s accomplishments in detail, with quite a bit of empty page for effect.  If anyone knows where to find these press releases, let me know please.

I want to compare these two, VP candidate Sarah Palin and Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  We’ll ignore the biographical stuff, the gender stuff, the racial stuff for another blog at a later date, cause I am sure there will be one on these as I flesh things out.

First, Palin.  Palin started as a PTA member, rose to City Council where she served two terms (4 years).  She then knocked off an incumbent Mayor John Stein to become Mayor of Wasillia.  She then served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, where she filed some complaints, caught a couple of Republican’s in corruption, and got them removed from their positions.  She then ran for and won the 2006 election for Governor by just over 7 percentage points, where her anti-corruption stances have only strengthened, taking on the Alaska GOP and Senator Ted Stevens, currently under investigation.

Now for Obama.  In 1985 Barack Obama began a three year community organizer role by heading a voter registration drive to register African Americans with a great deal of success.  He taught at the University of Chicago Law School, begin practicing law and to run more voter registration drives.  Obama made it to the Illinois State Senate in 1997, serving till 2004, where Hillary famously said he voted “present” over 140 times.  Since he ran almost unopposed for US Senate, he won easily and almost immediately began running for President.

To summarize:

Palin:  4 years City Council, 2 terms as Mayor of Wasillia, 2 years Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 1.5 years as Governor of Alaska.

Obama:  4 years voter registration/community organizer, 7 years IL State Senator, 3.5 years United State Senator.

In looking at these candidates, neither really has a ton of experience.  There are two marked differences.  First that Palin has considerable more “executive experience” to Obama’s marked upper hand in “legislative experience“.  I think the former is much more important.  The second is that they are running for different positions.  The Democrats have placed the inexperienced candidate at the top of their ticket, so if he wins he will be President, while the Republican’s have placed the inexperienced candidate on the bottom of their ticket, so if they win, well, she won’t be running the country quite yet.

So, the community organizer as President or the small town mayor as Vice President.  Which one would you choose?


3 Responses to A Conversation – Jared

  1. Tilly says:

    I love it!

  2. Megan says:

    Good job, Jared. I’m proud!


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