Obama of Invesco – Jared

As the Presidential primaries began so long ago, and Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination of President, my political science professors struck up the conversations in class about the presidential nominees, from Hillary to Richardson to Obama, and McCain, Romney, Giuliani, and Huckabee.

And as stories fly, we first came to know Obama and his followers as “Barackstars” as his concerts grew in size.  Soon, we found ourselves confronted with yet another image of Obama:  The priest.

Father Obamas Mass

But how could a young man of such influence be a mere priest?  No, soon talk of the Obamessiah rushed through our country, as we found out that we were not members of America, not quite citizens of the world, but we were the change we believe in.  Only through Obama can that change be realized!

Wow!  The modern messiah has come!  Through Obama we can secure change!  Through Obama we can have a better life!  Through Obama 47 million people will have health care!  Wow!  Obama cannot just be our savior.  Obama must be our…

GOD!  Quite!  Hurry young acolytes!  Let us begin construction of the new temple!  Hillary, commission a statue!  Obama of Invesco!  Long Live Obama!  Long Live Obama!


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