McCain, Pick Hutchison. – Tilly

“Chatter over Hutchison as possible VP pick gets louder”

For most of this campaign season, I have been pulling for Mitt Romney. He, in my humble opinion, was the most conservative candidate in the race with the experience needed to lead this country. And I proudly went to the polls and gave him my vote. I was disappointed when he lost and naturally, after McCain won the Republican nomination, I wished for Romney to be his choice for VP. But, I have had a change of heart. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would be the best choice McCain can make. Not only does the choice more than satisfy the conservative base, maybe more so than Romney(because of his Mormon faith), but she also has the potential to pull a specific group of voters who always, always, always vote Democrat: women.

Hilliary Clinton rallied a large base of women voters. Many enthusiastically supported her, excited about the prospect of a woman becoming President. Now for many of these women, nothing is left but disppointment. And when “Biden” came off the lips of Obama when he announced his VP candidate, many women across this nation were left angry. Angry that their beloved Hilliary was not even considered, angry that their efforts to get a woman in the White House had fallen short. I believe if McCain picks Hutchison, it will rally some Hilliary supporters to the Republican side. They will fight not just because she is a woman, but because they are angry at their own party for refusing to give a woman a chance.

Democrats usually win the woman vote by at least 5 points. And with the country so evenly divided, swinging just a few points to the Republican side could make the difference. McCain, Obama has given you a wonderful oppurtunity to swing the woman vote. For the sake of this ever important election, please pick Senator Hutchison.


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