Undermining the “Right to Life” – Tilly

“The moral premise of our republican form of government, the premise that makes the consent of the people necessary for just government, is the Declaration principle that all human beings are endowed by God with unalienable rights, including first of all the right to life. If the states can pass laws that depart from this premise, it means they are not required to preserve the foundations of republican form of government.” -Alan Keyes

I read an essay written by Alan Keyes earlier this week discussing the importance of preserving life.  It is important to understand that the issue of abortion is more than just a political issue like taxes or health care. While disagreements arise in such issues, the position one takes on these issues will usually not go against the foundational principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But abortion is different.  Its legalization undermines the foundational principle of the right to life, the very cornerstone on which the United States began.  We must realize that when the foundations of a society are undermined in such a way, the stability of that society will ultimately be threatened.  If a government can “suspend” the right to life for the unborn, what stops it from doing so in other situations?  Americans must stand up against the government when it fails to protect such foundational rights. In fact, citizens are obligated to do so for the sake of coming generations.

Practically, this means that most importantly Americans should elect pro-life officials, especially pro-life Presidents.  And in this election year the choice is clear.  John McCain has a 25 year record of supporting pro-life legislation.  Barack Obama may possibly be the most pro-abortion candidate for President in our history with his record of voting against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act and his promise to make his first act as President signing the Freedom of Choice Act.  Of course, electing John McCain will not suddenly make abortion illegal in this country. We are, unfortunately, a long way from seeing abortion made illegal. And it is only the Supreme Court which can get us to that point. But if we are ever going to see the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, we must elect pro-life presidents. It is because of pro-life President Bush’s two recent nominations on the Supreme Court that the ban on partial birth abortion was upheld. And it is because of him, that the court is now only ONE vote away from overturning Roe. This election is extremely important to the issue of abortion as the most liberal justice (Ginsburg) is certain to retire in the next four years. The next President will have the opportunity to appoint a justice who will swing the court to overturn Roe v. Wade.  My prayer is Americans will realize the issue of abortion is a foundational one pertinent to the very cornerstone of our way of government and that they will reject politics that refuse to defend the principle that every living person has the right to life.


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